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Leave in Hair Conditioner with Gold and Silica( Horsetail) to grow New, Thick Hair!

Repairing damaged hair is not easy.

Repairing damaged follicles to grow new, thick hair is even more difficult, as we need to look inside the cells.

Building them and restore proper, healthy cell duplication, is the bases to growing new, thick hair. This is only possible, when we repair damaged DNA, which is cell's programming system responsible for quality of cell's duplication.

Colloidal Gold and Silica are the building blocks for hair growth and restoration.

To be able to solve the problem of loosing hair we need to take care of causes and then apply solutions..

To eliminate causes of loosing hair we need to understand what causing hair loss.

Causes & Solutions of Hair Loss.


1. Chemicals in water

( for more information about chemicals in water read another article: )

2. Chemicals in most of shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, hair coloring products, dry shampoos , etc

( for more information about chemicals in hair products read another article:

3. Stress

4. Hormonal Problems

5. Lack of Nutrition in diet

6. Lack of proper care of hair, like wrong brush, damaging hair styling, etc


Leave-in Conditioner for growing new hair with Gold and Silica!

  1. Restoring cell duplication from deep down the roots of the hair.

  2. Grows new healthy and stronger hair follicles.

  3. Grows new healthy hair

  4. Provides food for hair and building minerals.

Colloidal Gold .

Colloidal Gold is very powerful mineral of "immortality" and rejuvenation on cellular level, if absorbed correctly.

To be able to absorb Gold, and make it work for the cells, we have to have it in the right size and polarization form of particles.

Man companies have products with Gold, but it is only marketing hack as they product is not colloidal, proper quality to be able actually deliver the results.

Gold was used from thousands of years, not only in economy, but in health and beauty department by the kings and queens and only elites, as it was always the most expensive material

Colloidal Silica ( from a Horsetail).

Colloidal Silica is a building bloc for:

  • Hair

  • Nails

  • Bones

  • Veins

  • Skin

  • Muscles

You can use our Leave- in Conditioner every day up to 3 times a day .

Spray to the scalp and hair and let it dry. No need to rinse it.

You should see baby hair growing within 2- 4 weeks.

For the best results use our shampoo and conditioner to be sure you are not damaging your results with shampoos containing toxic chemicals!

(To see more information about our shampoo check this post

Also check our 100% Natural Dry shampoo/ Leave in conditioner/ Food for hair.

As washing hair in today's tub water is also huge issues as chlorine and many other chemicals are stripping our DNA and are causes of hair loss.

Many scientist fallow the nations where women had naturally beautiful, strong, thick hair. They discovered that these women washed their hair, as a ritual, ones a month, in river water, high in the mountains. These waters, because of sand were rich in silica and gold!

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