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100% Natural Dry Shampoo / Food for hair/ Untangler/ Thickener

In this era of fast speed life, our lifestyle focused on work, we became less caring about our health.

Unfortunately a lot of products designed to help us to maximize comfort and practicality, like Dry Shampoos, are made from toxic, cheap, synthetic ingredients, which cause a lot of health issues and damage to our body.

Dry Shampoo became one of the most popular products for last few years, especially in younger group of females.

We do care about our children and we always worry about their wellbeing. Unfortunately a lot of danger is hidden and invisible to naked eye. A lot of products claim to be organic, or natural. At the end of the day , they just have organic and natural ingredients, among many others which are dangerous, toxic, harmful chemicals, widely accepted in cosmetic, hair or food industries.

Why are we so easily deceived with toxic products?

We, as human are attracted to instant pleasures, and want to see instant results, no matter how bad side effects are connected to the package.

The negative side effects come after time, so we do not feel instant impact, and negative results, we pay for, buying these products... it is almost like smoking cigarettes', which cause cancer or anti-depressants which have side effects of causing suicidal thoughts.

Fortunately there are pure products which are great, natural answers to these problems. You just need to be determent and find them.

Oat Formula - 100% NATURAL DRY SHAMPOO!

1. As Dry Shampoo: In instance makes your hair clean, feeling refreshed and look great!

This product is Nature's Genius! Takes away excessive, build up oil and refreshes hair, which sometimes are stuck to the scalp because of too much weight of oils and contaminations.

  • powder formula from Organic Oats

  • use it close to the scalp

  • brush it in for the best results

  • you can use it every day, few times a day

2. As Untangler : the best use it with our natural brush!

It has been proven to smoothen the texture of hair and makes it much easier to untangle and brash over.

3. As Leave- in Conditioner ( Food for Hair)

Oats are also a good source of iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium, fiber, phosphorus, thiamine.

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